What is ITACPC?

The ITACPC is a team-based programming competition between Universities on a national-scale. It is inspired by the well-known ICPC competition, which is instead of global scale. If you never participated in a similar competition click here to see a sample problem.

The competition contains typically around 10 problems, with varying degrees of difficulty. The available time to solve them is usually 4 hours.

Why participate in ITACPC?

Quoting from the "Mission" statement of ICPC:

The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) provides college students with opportunities to interact with students from other universities and to sharpen and demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills.  The contest provides a platform for industry, and academia to encourage and focus public attention on the next generation of computing professionals as they pursue excellence.

In a similar way, the ITACPC aims to provide opportunities to students of Italian universities by having them compete on a national level. The winner team will be the Italian Champion in programming.

How to participate?

We recommend finding some fellow students who are also interested in participating (and that you get along with! 😄) and then use the registration form on this website to form a team. A few hours before the start of a contest, each member of your team will receive the username and password which you will use to access the contest platform and submit your solutions.

How does ITACPC relate to SWERC?

SWERC is one of the different regional phases of the aforementioned ICPC competition. In order to qualify for ICPC, an Italian team must first win the SWERC competition.

ITACPC is similar to SWERC because it's aimed at a "subset" of Universities, like SWERC. Participating or not participating in ITACPC has no direct consequence on the possibility of participating to SWERC. In fact, each university should choose whether to participate in SWERC or not, and which teams to sponsor and send to compete in SWERC.

If an Italian University wishes to participate in SWERC, then it would surely be reasonable to use ITACPC as an opportunity to put its teams to the test, using the ITACPC ranking as a helpful tool to select which teams are the best of the University and thus deserve to go to SWERC.